Peloton Technology Inc. was founded in 2011 by a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to address major pain points of today’s trucking fleets – accidents and fuel costs. Peloton's system uses radar and DSRC vehicle-to-vehicle communications to link active safety systems between pairs of trucks, reducing collision-related expenses and fuel costs. The drivers remain fully engaged and retain steering control, while the system controls acceleration and braking similar to adaptive cruise control. The dramatic reduction in aerodynamic drag in these platoons provides substantial improvements in fuel economy for both the trailing and leading trucks: with on-road testing showing average savings over 7% between the two trucks.
Mountain View, California, United States
Company Size
around 51

Chris Gerdes
Founder and Principal Scientist

Rod McLane
VP of Marketing and Customer Success

Lawrence Burns
Board Member

Ken Arnold
Member of the Board of Directors

Paul Asel
Board Observer

Ralph Eschenbach
Board of Directors

Imran Kizilbash
Board Member

Steve Boyd
CEO & Co-Founder

Rodney Slater
Board Member

Mark Lydon
Board Member



8 rounds of funding


April 2017


B37 Ventures, Band of Angels, Birchmere Ventures, BP Ventures, Breakthrough Fuel., Denso, Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin, Mitsui & Co, NGP Capital, OKAYA & CO., Omnitracs, Sand Hill Angels, Schlumberger, UPS Ventures, Volvo Group Venture Capital, and Xplorer Capital


March 2017

Mason Ng

Venture - Series Unknown

July 2015

NGP Capital


April 2015


Band of Angels, Birchmere Ventures, Castrol innoVentures, Denso, Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin, Magna International, Sand Hill Angels, UPS Ventures, and Volvo Group Venture Capital

Venture - Series Unknown

December 2014

Sand Hill Angels

Convertible Note

September 2014

Sand Hill Angels

Venture - Series Unknown

September 2013



April 2013


Band of Angels, Birchmere Ventures, Ken Arnold, and VK Rajaram